About Vidyarthikhadi Products

Vidyarthi is a khadi brand which manufactures khadi made of cotton, silk and linen. This versatile fabric has now become widely accepted in fashion circles. It keeps you warm in the winter, cool in the summer and lasts for years. The brand has spread its own units all over India in different states. Each state having its own uniqueness in manufacturing khadi in terms of weaving, designing and finishing.

Vidyarthi Khadi Bhandar is a dream of Pandit Chaitanya Prakash Sharma. He established it in 1934 in Meerut city during British Raj at the time when Gandhi ji encouraged Indians to use khadi during his Swadeshi movement. It was the time of revival of domestic products and production processes. Khadi became not only a symbol of revolution and resistance but part of an Indian identity. It carries a symbol of self-reliance and independence from high priced goods that were sold at that time to the people. Pandit Ji contributed to Swadeshi movement by starting his own khadi manufacturing.It was popularly known as Vidyarthi.

Pandit ji continued on his philosophy long after the movement was over to keep khadi alive and to weave tradition with style in this fabric.

Today, after 81 years, we continue following his vision by spreading "Vidyarthi" all over the nation. Just recently we have launched ourselves in MUMBAI on the occasion of our platinum jubilee. Khadi has now moved from a freedom fighter’s identity fabric to a fashion garment. We align our vision with this trend and strive to provide cost effective, quality khadi product to our customers.