Celebrating a heritage that spans 90 years, Vidyarthi Khadi Bhandar has been a custodian of handloom elegance since its establishment in 1934. Born during a pivotal period in India's history.

The origin of the brand name "Vidyarthi" is deeply intertwined with the socio-political landscape of pre-independence India, specifically with Mahatma Gandhi's vision to promote Khadi and instill a sense of self-sufficiency. The term "Vidyarthi" itself means student, and the name was ingeniously coined to reflect the connection between education and the promotion of Khadi.

During the pre-independence era, Mahatma Gandhi was a staunch advocate for Khadi, considering it a symbol of self-reliance, non-violence, and a means of economic empowerment for the masses. As part of his broader vision, Gandhi urged students to wear Khadi uniforms in their educational institutions. This initiative aimed not only to endorse the use of Khadi but also to instill the values of simplicity, self-sufficiency, and a connection to indigenous products among the youth.

In response to this call from Gandhi, the founders of the brand saw an opportunity to create a platform that not only aligned with the principles of Khadi but also emphasized the role of students in this movement. Thus, the brand was aptly named "Vidyarthi Khadi Bhandar," with "Vidyarthi" symbolizing the students who were integral to the propagation of Khadi.