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This Kalamkari chanderi saree is a magnificent and traditional Indian garment that showcases exquisite hand-painted or block-printed motifs and designs. The word "Kalamkari" is derived from two Persian words, "kalam" (pen) and "kari" (craftsmanship), which together represent the art of hand painting or block printing on fabric.The process of creating a Kalamkari saree involves immense skill and patience. First, the fabric, which is typically cotton or silk, is treated with a mixture of milk and myrobalan, an astringent substance, to prepare it for the dyeing process. The fabric is then dyed using natural vegetable dyes, which results in earthy and vibrant colors. The elegance and beauty of Kalamkari sarees make them popular choices for special occasions like weddings, religious ceremonies, and cultural events. They serve as a visual representation of India's rich artistic heritage and the exceptional craftsmanship of skilled artisans who keep this traditional art form alive. KINDLY NOTE that Blouse and embellishments shown in the images is for styling purposes only and not included with the saree. However this saree comes with running blouse of contrast print which is shown in one of the images.

  • Colors tend to bleed in washing
  • Handwash coloured garments separately in cold water
  • Silk and woolen garments only to be dry cleaned
  • Do not soak or bleach any garment
  • Do not dry coloured fabric in direct sunlight
  • Cotton fabrics can shrink by 5% on washing