KOTA SAREE WITH RUNNING BLOUSE ( Image Blouse not included)

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Our Handloom Cotton Kota Saree is a traditional Indian saree known for its lightweight, airy, and sheer texture. It originates from the city of Kota in Rajasthan, India. These sarees are meticulously woven using handloom techniques, which add to their charm and uniqueness. The fabric used in Kota sarees is primarily cotton, making them comfortable to wear, especially in hot and humid climates. The cotton yarns are finely woven, resulting in a distinctive checkered or square pattern known as "khat" on the saree's surface. This delicate weave gives the saree its signature translucent appearance, allowing it to drape elegantly. Kota sarees often feature contrasting borders and pallus, adorned with beautiful designs like floral motifs, geometric patterns, or traditional motifs. The pallu, the loose end of the saree that is draped over the shoulder, is typically more ornate than the rest of the saree, making it a focal point of the attire.These sarees come in a wide range of colors and designs, catering to various tastes and occasions. They are popular choices for casual and formal events alike, as they strike a perfect balance between simplicity and sophistication. Whether it's a family gathering, office function, or a festive occasion, the handloom cotton Kota saree is a versatile and timeless choice that continues to be cherished by women across India.. KINDLY NOTE that Blouse and embellishments shown in the images is for styling purposes only and not included with the saree. However this saree comes with running blouse of contrast print which is shown in one of the images.
  • Colors tend to bleed in washing
  • Handwash coloured garments separately in cold water
  • Silk and woolen garments only to be dry cleaned
  • Do not soak or bleach any garment
  • Do not dry coloured fabric in direct sunlight
  • Cotton fabrics can shrink by 5% on washing